Different Eyebrow Shaping Methods

Different Eyebrow Shaping Methods

Your eyebrows are one of the prominent features on your face. You can't help but notice someone else, especially when talking face to face. Shaping has evolved over the years from a single thin line to a thick and more defined brow. Properly shaped eyebrows make you look neat and beautiful. You can use various tools to shape them, such as an eyebrow razor available in most cosmetic shops. Different tools provide varying shaping techniques. We delve into the various eyebrow shaping methods below.

How to shape your eyebrows

Knowing the shaping procedure, you want before purchasing any tool or cream is important. Some processes cause little to no pain. Others can really be painful, but it depends on your pain tolerance levels. These methods can be strange for beginners, but we explain them below for easier understanding.

1. Eyebrow shaping through shaving

It's the most familiar method for most women. In addition, it's the easiest and most convenient once you get the hang of it. You use an eyebrow razor to shave, but some people get away with any razor. As a beginner, it's advisable to use the eyebrow kind because of its extended handle grip area. It's easier to hold and maneuver to reach all angles. When done correctly, eyebrow shaving is painless. One benefit of this process is the roots stay intact. However, regular shaving is necessary since the hair grows back quickly.

2. Eyebrow shaping through plucking

This process requires tweezers. Very few people prefer it as it can be painful. It entails holding each hair individually and pulling it out until the entire brow is shaped. It's a perfect process for those with less hair, as plucking too much hair is tasking. Also, too much pulling causes redness or soreness of the skin around the area. It's advisable to try on other methods that are easy to perform to avoid this. Unlike the shaving technique, this method ensures the entire hair follicle is pulled out. You may love it as it leaves your eyebrows well-shaped. However, it can be detrimental in the long run. This is because hair growth is stunted, and eventually, fewer brow hairs grow.

3. Eyebrow shaping through threading

It involves the use of two eyebrow threads. So, you hold the threads on one end and twist them over on the other. Twist the hair between the threads and then pull it out of the skin. It's also a painful procedure but not as much as plucking. The hair follicle is also pulled out in this case. The good thing is the hair takes longer to grow back, giving you a cleaner look for long.

4. Shaping through waxing

It's the most painful method compared to all. However, eyebrow shaping via this technique lasts the longest. It's ideal for bushy brows where wax is applied to the hair and removed using a strip.

Bottom line

Pick your preferred method and choose the right tool for it. You can find all brow shaping equipment in online stores. There are great options to select from at affordable costs. Consider the state of your brows before buying. Some ways are ideal for fewer hairs and others for the bushy kind. You can perform the processes yourself or have an expert do it for you.